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How To Look For The Best Online Piano Course

There are many choices when you look for courses online on how to play piano. As with any other form of teaching, the styles can be a little different from each other and it’s hard to know which one will be best for you. Testimonials and reviews are valuable to help you decide. In fact, they are often the determining factor in you signing up for that specific course.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the many options available. Some sites will show you a video example of the course. Others will play some games or have exercises to help you identify chords.

You will realise how much fun the piano is when you start playing. It doesn’t matter what course you decide on, you will know your choice will ultimately be the right one. Online courses in learning to play piano have evolved since they started a few years ago. There is a comprehensive approach to learning with games, score sheets, and videos readily available.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right online piano course for you:

Do Your Research

Look at several options. Don’t just choose the first one you see because it “look right”. Check it out against other programs to be sure. Make use of testimonials and reviews about them. This will help you assess whether the course is the quality you expect from it, because not all are of the best quality. When you find a few that have potential, look to see what the views of current and past students if you can to see if they had a good learning experience. Check out various forums or pages on social media that should have some unbiased comments.

Assess Your Needs

Make a list of what you expect from your own online course. Whichever one from the piano courses you have on your shortlist meets the most criteria in your list, then that should be the one to go for. You need to consider what your piano playing goals are.

Is your ambition to be a brilliant musician or just entertain your friends and family at parties?  If you had some piano lessons previously, you could choose to take a more advanced course if you feel you can cope with it. There are refresher courses you can take if you want to brush up your basic skills and review the techniques.

Plan Your Budget

It’s reasonably easy to organise the budget for online piano lessons and it won’t take long to set up. Depending on the site you signed up with, payments may range from monthly to a one-time payment. One thing is certain, the costs won’t be as high as the more conventional ways to learn to play with a piano teacher.

Keeping these few simple suggestions in your mind, you should be able to find an online piano course that will suit you and budget. You are now on the right track to be able to learn piano online.


Get Beginner Piano Lessons Online!

basic piano

Nearly everyone has childhood dreams, but few get to achieve their dreams because life sometimes “gets in the way”. They feel they have been prevented from pursing the things they dreamt about as kids. As adults, we often wonder if things would have turned out differently if we had made that one step. Fortunately, it’s not too late.

old piano lessons posterOne thing that many adults regret not doing, in my own experience, is learning to play a musical instrument, which is in many cases, the piano. After finishing school and starting a career and a family, you may think about taking up an activity or hobby you dismissed in the past for some reason or other.

When you were a child, your parents may have considered piano lessons an expense or distraction from your academic studies that you could ill afford. Now, your time is your own; you’re mature and even as a beginner, there are many ways to get lessons without interfering with your other commitments. They are all available online now.

Online Piano Lessons Are Not Only For Beginners

It doesn’t matter if you have never sat at a piano to play before, or just need a refresher course, you can sign up an online piano course that that really suits you. These lessons will ensure you learn basic techniques, learn chord recognition and music reading skills.

Some people already have the essentials set in their mind, but playing the piano needs to be practiced regularly. Without that practice you will lose your dexterity and the ease with which your fingers glide across the keyboard. If that applies to you, wouldn’t you like to get the old groove back?

Online piano lessons can be useful for both the total beginner and those who want to get reacquainted. One basic reason why adults put this dream to rest is they would feel awkward being with a bunch of kids or teens. If you can sign up for online classes, there is no such problem. You can learn at your own pace and you can even keep it secret – at least until your competence at the piano has progressed so much that you are happy to play in front of an audience.

As a beginner, you can start with one class and sign up for more when your schedule allows, or you feel confident enough to move to next stage. Don’t worry, you will soon go up a level and then you can take more advanced classes. Being anonymous and learning the piano without the hassle of a structured classroom environment is your choice.

Imagine being the focus of attention in any family gathering, impressing your loved ones with a song or two, or simply loving the way that you’re making music. Don’t let age and the busy bustle of life deter you from doing something you really want to so, which is play the piano.­

Discovering Piano Lessons for Children

I expect you already know that children absorb things just like a sponge. This may or may not be relevant to Piano lessons, but on the other hand it might so consider this: Are you aware of the Kumon method? It’s a system of learning math and language for toddlers and it started in Japan.

kids piano lessonsBelieve it or not (and I do by the way), a child’s brain can absorb information at an incredible rate. Thinking about this, the parents should nurture and expose the child to ideas. When the child grows up, they tend to be livelier and more well-adjusted than those who were not exposed to this stimuli.

There are so many things available for kids these days. Some have been around for a long time, like ballet and painting. Then there is learning to play an instrument (like the piano). All of these things can give children an advantage over their peers in numerous aspects.

The Cost Of Children’s Piano Lessons

The cost of piano lessons with a tutor, or maybe in a classroom setting, can be quite high. These days, online piano lessons designed for children are a viable option and they’re not at all expensive; some are available for free. With this in mind, instead of buying your child video games, a great alternative is to let them participate in learning to play a musical instrument, like the piano. If you’re not sure how they’ll react to these classes, or even if they’ll be able to complete the course, sign them up for a free lesson or two.

If they prove not to be as enthusiastic as you thought they might be, even after just a few lessons, you can end the subscription instantly. If, however, your child is showing potential, you can continue with the lessons.

Because of the high technology in our lives and how frantic things can be, we tend to have a downside; There is less and less time for leisure activities. The children’s favourite pastimes are usually video games and television. Neither really does much in improving their skills and knowledge. There may also be the themes of many TV shows are not as suitable for kids as we would like them to be.

Piano lessons, or lessons with any musical instrument can prove to be beneficial. When exposed at an early age, skills are learned quicker. You never know, before long your child may be delighting you, and other listeners, of their prowess at music.

Have you ever wondered why classical music is prescribed for babies? It’s because music has a way of increasing intelligence and attention span as well as being relaxing and stimulating. A direct advantage is that it improves eye-hand coordination.

The ability to play music can lead to enriching lifetime experiences. Years from now, your kids may be thanking you for encouraging them to go to piano lessons and opening a different set of opportunities for them.

Find out more about Piano Lessons for Children HERE. And Have FUN!

12 Reasons To Learn To Play Piano.


mother with child at pianoThere are many different reasons why a lot of people want to learn to play the piano. If you are one of those, perhaps your own reason is among the 12 shown below. Don’t ignore your dream to develop into a fine pianist? Start learning now.

Let’s share those 12 reasons here:

1. There are many musical instruments and, in your lifetime, you should have the opportunity to play an instrument. So why not choose the piano? Right enough, this instrument is fairly expensive, but it’s worth the money. You should be able to play pleasing music on a piano. Get hold of a piano (or keyboard) now and start learning to play this magnificent instrument.

2. Being a fine pianist will boost your confidence. Loads of people think of pianists as refined individuals and if you really want to become among them, here is your opportunity. It doesn’t in fact matter if you’re young, old, rich or poor. There are no regulations stating that only the rich and young can learn to play a piano.

3. Playing the piano can help to maintain an active brain or mind. Let’s face it, people who habitually stay at home with nothing else to do get bored and often “get in a rut”. If you don’t want this to happen to you, a great option is learn to play the piano.

4. Life can be so boring sometimes, but if you already know how to play the piano, you may never get bored because you can carry on learning. You can challenge yourself by learning to play more demanding music. You can have advanced lessons to further expand your playing skills.

5. You can play for your family. Not all family members can play the piano but if you should know how to play, you can play some of their favourite music. In that case, you’re entertaining your family and you’re bonding grows stronger.

6. People who know how to play a musical instrument are often all the rage, particularly pianists. Some people have the notion that pianists are geniuses. It can even increase your self confidence and self esteem when other people admire the way you’re playing the piano.

7. Try to examine the hands of a pianist. Their hands are superb, right? If you want to have the same hands, learn to play the piano. It won’t be long before you’ll admire your supple and flexible hands.

8. Learning is a non-stop process. There are plenty of musical pieces to learn and you can’t possibly play them all. You should carry on playing new pieces as you get older.

9. It is fun to play the piano.

10. Nearly everyone likes to play the piano with poise.

11. You will feel satisfied and relaxed after you’ve played the piano. If you can play almost faultlessly just like the top pianists, you will be totally satisfied.

12. Build up your ego by playing the piano, but don’t be vain in the process. Everyone loves and respects exceptional musicians.

These are just 12 great reasons why it's good to learn to play a piano. There are many other reasons out there waiting to be heard but it's up to you to express that desire and take the necessary step to begin piano lessons.

No matter what your reason is, don’t hesitate to play the piano. You will feel a unique experience when you play this beautiful instrument well.



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