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The Piano Movie

The Piano: Movie about a mute woman Ada (played by Holly Hunter) and her prized piano!
The story revolves around a mute woman Ada, who is sent to New Zealand by her father for an arranged marriage to a wealthy landowner. Soon she falls in love with a local worker on the plantation and the rest of the movie captures the dilemma of her relations.
Star Cast – The Piano Movie

Genre: Drama | RomanceRelease Year: 1993Director/Writer: Jane CampionCast
Holly Hunter as AdaHarvey Keitel as BainesSam Neill as Alistair StewartAnna Paquin as Flora
Music by: Michael Nyman(bestselling soundtrack album)
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Story – The Piano Movie
The movies is set in the the mid-nineteenth century in a rainy, muddy & marshy New Zealand forest. Ada, and her young daughter Flora, are sent to NewZealand for an arranged marriage. Once they land in New Zealand, they find that the living conditions are harsh there.
Ada suffers more grief when her husband Stewart decides to leave her piano behind since he does not have enough people to carry all their belongings further from the shore.
Baines, who is a local guy takes the piano and gets it perfectly tuned after that long journey. Ada, who desperately wants her piano back, goes to Baines to try to convince him to return the Piano.
But Baines asks Ada to earn back her piano by giving him piano lessons. He says that during the lessons, he would simply like to listen to her playing the piano… with other conditions. Ada agrees to it, though reluctantly.
Soon, Ada and Baines start geting closer to each other and their relationship is transformed. Stewart, who is Ada’s husband, finds out about their relationship… and in a fit of rage chops off the index finger of Ada with an axe. He tells her that if she does not forget Baines, he will chop her remaining fingers as well.
But, by then Ada and Baines had already started liking each other. Stewart realises this and lets Ada go with Baines… Towards the end, it is shown that Ada’s missing finger is replaced with a silver digit made by Baines.
Final Thoughts
The Piano is definitely one of the better movies I have ever seen; it has been appreciated by both critics as well as audiences everywhere!
Please note that this movie is suitable only for Adult Viewing!
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Free Keyboard Lessons & Sheet Music

Here are free Keyboard Lessons & sheet music for beginners to get started.

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If you own an electronic keyboard, don’t wait for the teacher, use these free keyboard lessons to get started right now!
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4 Seasons by Vivaldi

This one is a must have for any classical music collection. Play it in background, or just sit and listen to it and imagine the changing seasons.

The recording is good (despite the price), which makes you enjoy the music even more. The three extra concertos for violin included on this disc are real treats, especially the Concerto for 2 violins in A minor.
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Free Celtic Sheet Music

Find great resources for Free Celtic Sheet Music here…
Looking for Free Celtic sheet music to increase your repertoire? A Celtic tune played on a fiddle or whistle can be just irresistible! If you are one of those who have been smitten by it, here is a great collection of Celtic music. Some of the sites will take you from the basics, like what is Celtic music and what regions the music comes from, to a more in-depth study of Irish music.
What is Celtic Music?
Tunes at Ceolas.
Session Tunes
music arranging page at My Harp’s Delight.

Abacci Music
Breizh Partitions
I hope you find all these resources helpful, it should give you a much better understanding about Celtic Music. Have fun!

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Streaming Classical Music

classical music is the music that belonged to eighteenth and early nineteenth century. The twentieth century has witnessed many changes and reformations in the field of music. It got new colors of music like folk, rock music, pop music, jazz and blues and many more. All these varieties of music have dominated the classical music and sent it into last in the row. Now the lovers of classical music have at least the facility of online classical music streaming. Internet provides you with the global wide classical music under on roof to get an unlimited enjoy. Through classical music streaming you can enjoy your favorite classical music through the play of video over the internet in real time.
Classical Music Streaming SitesThere are some sites which provide classical music streaming membership for fee and some websites provide for free. Classicsonline.com is a website which offers classic music streaming at good deal of USD 9.99 per month. It provides the classical music streaming unlimited on every subscription. You can also enjoy the free trail of classical music for seven days as a subscriber. Now the subscription of classical music subscription is very affordable than it was in the earlier.

Classical Music Streaming Free SitesThere are also other websites which provide classical music streaming for free. These free websites allow you to download the classical music for free and those of paid sites provide you ten to fifteen per cent discount on download. And apart from the discount, those sites will give 200 classical points as bonus for monthly subscribers on monthly basis and 2000 classical points for annual subscribers annually. The bonus classical points can be gained on every subscription and renewals from then on. No hindrance of hidden charges and no scratching of credit card as long as there is your free trial are valid for your classical music streaming.
Read more here…

Happy Birthday Sheet Music

Happy Birthday Sheet Music! Where to Find it?

Looking for Happy Birthday sheet music? This is one song which everybody knows and sings for their friends and dear ones. It would be really great if you could also be able to play it on the piano, besides just knowing how to sing this song. Every kid knows that, and that is the reason every kid wants to learn this song the moment they start taking piano lessons.
Eager to get started! Here you will find all the help you need to play this song for someone special. You will find Happy Birthday Sheet Music as well as happy birthday piano tabs, choose whatever you are comfortable with.
You just need to know the names of the different notes on the piano. If you are not sure about that, just visit my Piano Notes overview page and you should be able to move on.
Happy Birthday Notes

Ok, here are the notes for this song! I have listed the notes for four different lines.
cc d c f eHappy birthday to you

cc d c g fHappy birthday to you
cc c^ a f e d (c^ is c played one octave above)Happy birthday Dear Johnny
AA a f g f (A is a-sharp or b-flat. This is the only black note in this song)Happy birthday to you

Happy Birthday Notes Piano Tabs

The notes written as Piano Tabs!
4|– –cc|d-c-f- |e -cc|d-c-g-|b|1-2-3-|1-2-3-|123-|1-2-3-|
4|f -cc|c^- a- f- |e d AA|a-f-g-| f-|b|123-|1 – 2- 3-|1 2 3 -|1-2-3-|123|
Happy Birthday Sheet Music
Want to play the traditional happy birthday song and with some not-so-easy arrangements? If you are comfortable reading from sheets or if you want to play this song with two hands or using some complex arrangements, below are some links to sheet music for this song!
Happy Birthday at Notation.comHappy Birthday at 8notes.comHappy Birthday at Musicnotes.com
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Raleigh Piano Teacher’s Association

The Raleigh Piano Teachers Association is a local affliate of the North Carolina Music Teachers Association serving the professional piano teaching community of Raleigh, N.C and surrounding areas. Membership in RPTA is open to any person who has a music degree or is actively engaged in the profession of music as a teacher, performer, or college music student.
Founded in 1955, its a qualified body of professional music educators teaching music through the piano in an effort to foster the cultural and artistic aspirations of the surrounding community.
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The purpose of this association is to exchange ideas and to discuss teaching problems, to create a love and understanding of the music we teach, and to promote cooperative interest in our professional activities. The Raleigh Piano Teachers Association is affiliated with the North Carolina Music Teachers Association, founded in 1959, and the Music Teachers National Association, founded in 1876.

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