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Piano Magazines

Piano Magazines

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 11:21 pm  

piano magazines

Top 5 Piano Magazines – Features Lessons, Music & Artists

Piano magazines check out the hottest music & artists, besides having piano lessons. Find a list of the popular magazines. ?

  • Want to check out the latest piano music?
  • Want to read about the experiences of some great contemporary pianists?
  • Want to know about the latest Pianos… or want to know the dates for some important Piano competitions?

There are some really good magazines on Pianos which will give you the latest updates in the Piano world. If you are seriously into Piano, subscribing to some of these Piano magazines can be of immense help as it will keep you updated with the latest developments.

Contents of Piano Magazines?

Most of these magazines would cover the following:

  • Interviews
  • – Interview with some great pianist of today! Learn from their experiences and struggle.

  • Piano Lessons/Tutorials
  • – Piano Lessons for different levels, usually with an accompaniment CD.

  • Music/Book Reviews
  • – Review of the latest Piano, DVDs, Books!

  • History
  • – Review of music/artist of some particular era.

  • Readers Q & A
  • – Answers to common questions asked by readers in the earlier version.

  • Latest Updates
  • – Latest updates on piano competitions, events. Classifieds featuring job openings, buying / selling of pianos, etc.

    The Best Piano Magazine

    Here are popular piano magazines that contain interviews, reviews, masterclasses, and updated news on piano events & competitions.

    International Piano

    Piano – Incls CD-Rom

    Claviers Piano Explorer

    Piano Journal

    Arietta – Journal of the Beethoven Piano Society of Europe

    Piano News

    The Best Keyboard Magazine

    Here are popular Keyboard magazines that contain in-depth review on Keyboards, Synthesizers, MIDI gear besides interviews and masterclasses. Helps you to understand music technology better!

    Keyboard Player

    Organ and Keyboard Cavalcade

    Beginning Synthesizer (Keyboard Magazine Library for Electronic Musicians)

    Keyboards Recording

    To Conclude

    As you can see, piano magazines contain lot of varied information related to the piano. It is a must if you are professionally associated with the Piano Besides the valuable information, you can also learn and draw inspiration from the interviews of the featured artists.

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