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Blues Piano Tutorial

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blues piano tutorialIt’s said that music is the food of the soul. This is very true when you come to play Blues. There is a certain “feel” to blues that really “gets” to you. If you’re into playing the piano, then a blues piano tutorial may be something that can help you to feel that music truly is the food of the soul.

Where To Find A Blues Piano Tutorial

Music is an art form that should be learned with an outcome in mind. It requires dedication if you want to be good at it. When learning to play the piano, this is no different. With the right dedication and commitment it’s very possible to be very good at playing and if you have true passion for the instrument and music, you could become a professional.

All that being the case, learning music needs you to get familiar with the basics of music. Even when going to find a blues piano tutorial you need to know the very basics of music and how to play the piano. The best news is that an online piano course may offer you the opportunity to learn the particular genre you are looking to get to grips with.

A Simple Blues Piano Tutorial

simple blues piano tutorialAs you get more familiar with music and how to play the piano, you can then get into learning the chord sequences for playing blues. This is a 12 bar sequence and is based on 3 chords for any key. The chords can be transposed to any key easily, but in essence you need to look at the root chord of the key, which if the key of C will be a C chord. The other 2 chords are the fourth and fifth, being F and G respectively if playing in the key of C.

The 12 bar sequence is 4 bars with the root chord of C, then the next 4 bars are 2 with the F chord and 2 bars based on C chord, the final sequence is one with G, one of F and 2 of C. Then you revert back to the sequence again and rinse and repeat until you reach the end. Sometimes you can add as G7 chord at the end of the sequence instead of the last C chord so you can move back more naturally into the main sequence again.

Play the blues as you “feel” the music. Listen to blues recordings and, if possible, listen to the piano greats in blues too so you can get a true feel for the music. As you get better you can pick up the key from the recording and play along. Transposition is fairly easy when playing blues and is a good practice for any musician.

I hope you have got some value from this simple blues piano tutorial and will enjoy playing this great music genre for years to come.

Blues Piano