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Piano Fingering

Correct Piano Fingering is an important aspect of piano technique. It is important that you learn to use the correct fingers right from the beginning.

Piano fingering basically means the correct use of your fingers while playing the piano!

Using the correct fingering is an important aspect of learning the piano. It is more of technique so it is important that you do it the correct way right from the beginning.

  • Why is it Important?
  • If you take any simple song, once you know the notes of the song, you can play it even without knowing the correct fingering.

    You can use any fingers you like and as long as you maintain the correct time/tempo you will think that you have done a good job. But it will work only for very simple songs!

    The moment you pick up something which needs more than beginner level skills, you will struggle to play the notes if you do not follow the correct piano fingering.

    To be able to play smoothly and at the correct tempo, you will have to use your fingers in the correct sequence. Without correct fingering, your fingers just cannot fly on the keys!

  • Basics of Piano Fingering
  • If you pick up any instruction book for Piano, you will notice numbers (1 to 5) placed around the notes. The numbers basically indicate the fingers that you are supposed to use to play those notes.

    Irrespective of whether it is the right or the left hand, the thumb is numbered as 1, then comes your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers and finally your little finger, which is numbered as 5.

    So the next time you see those numbers around the notes, I hope you will remember and use the correct fingers.

  • How to Improve?
  • The only way you can improve is by following it in the first place!

    Whenever you are playing any song from a book, make sure you follow the fingering which is given there. The more songs you play from any book, the more you will come across different fingering sequences.

    Besides this, you can also practice major/minor scales using the correct fingering. All this will give you confidence and you will be able to use the correct fingering when you play any song from ear/memory.

    You will be able to play difficult passages/sequences with ease and once you have the confidence you can even tweak the fingering to suit your playing.

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    The Proper Age Of Your Child To Begin Piano Lessons

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    Parents always want the best for their children. No one would be happier than a parent to see that their kids are very good at something and one cool activity to learn is playing the piano. It just creates an appeal to both children and parents to be able to glide your fingers happily from corner to corner of the piano keys. In relation to this, I know most of you parents want to know the proper age of your child to begin piano lessons.

    It is of great benefit to learn at a young age. Definitely, you may have heard many child prodigies like Mozart who started hitting the keys at a young age, around 3 0r 4. Even though your child may not be exceptionally talented in the musical field, letting your child play piano at the youngest possible age will allow them to develop their skills fully.

    Piano Lessons for Kids : Introduction

    Right from the start, you can make your child’s interest in music grow. While your child is still in your womb and after you have given birth, keep on listening to classical music. Sooner, you’ll see that your child will be pleased about the piano music. Studies have shown that this is an effective method to heighten interest of kids to learn piano.


    You should consider finding the right piano mentor for your child if you aim to let them begin their piano lessons ate a very tender age. As what we can observe, toddler can’t concentrate o just one thing for a long span of time. In this case, you’ll have to reduce the practice sessions to smaller and convenient time. 15 minutes is already good for most kids at 3 or 4 years old.

    It is crucial that you get a teacher who is aware on how to deal with students at a very young age. They need to know that a 4-year old kid can’t learn piano in similar way that a teenager or adult can. If you happen to hire the wrong mentor for your child, they will, in the long run be frustrated on the piano instrument and will lose the desire to learn. At this young age, piano lessons should be made fun and enjoyable.
    Young kids will carry their piano playing interest in their old age if they have good foundation on piano.

    Piano – Introduction to Older Children

    You have to be aware that not all parents can get their child to learn piano very early. Parents may not even have plans to enroll their kids in anticipation of when their older kid asked if they can have their lessons in some cases. This is the usual situation where the child is the one who shows direct interest in piano playing.
    Initially, you have to see to it that this is not just for mere past time. Other parents require their kids to take a one year course on piano for a minimum to be assured. One year is already a good time to sense if they have that inclination for music and after which, they can decide to continue or quit.

    Make sure that your child spends some time to practice on the piano everyday. No matter how old they are, it is crucial that they have this chance.
    Are you interested in taking piano lesson music? Visit and get to know different piano courses to suit your needs. Try reading the review on Rocket Piano. Learning the piano should always be fun and exciting!
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    A Minor Scale Piano

    A Minor Scale Piano – Natural Minor, Melodic Minor and Harmonic Minor

    Here’s a video showing how to play the A Minor Scale on Piano (relative to C Major), all three variations that is Natural Minor, Melodic Minor and Harmonic Minor, and how to practice them.

    [embedded content]

    The A minor scale is usually the first of all the minor scales that a beginner piano student learns. That is because it has the maximum number of white keys and most beginners are comfortable playing on the white keys initially.

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    Yamaha NP11 61-Key Portable Keyboard


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    Home Piano Tutorial Guide to Learn Piano Fast

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    Online or video home piano tutorial is a very effective way to learn the intricacies of hitting the piano. Unlike the traditional one-on-one private piano lessons conducted by master pianists with their students, home tutorials do not make students become too reliant on their instructors. Besides, private lessons are more applicable to kids rather than to adults who want to discover the joys of playing the piano. If you are already in your adult years and you have decided that playing the piano will be a good pastime, then ditch the one-on-one private lessons in favor of online or video tutorials which you can also take up at home. Home tutorials via videos or the Internet can allow you to be more creative and advance through the lessons on your own time and pace. Here are the typical modules in piano home tutorials.

    For starters, you will need a beginner piano training video or module. This training video will give you everything that you need to start off your quest to become an accomplished piano player. But take note, unlike uptight piano instructors, these videos are designed to provide fun and exciting lessons. You will surely have an easy time learning basic stuff like hand techniques, tone formula, the C chord, the key of G, the pedals, and even the various parts of the piano. With a beginner training video, you will learn basic practice tips that will all serve as your start off point to take advanced lessons.

    Next, after you have mastered your beginner piano lessons, you can move on to the intermediate module. When you reach this stage, you can learn more techniques that will help you play a wider variety of musical pieces or genres like gospel and blues. Typically, this part of your training will teach you how to gain better control of the piano. You will now encounter terms like scales, keys, triads, and learn how to play songs just by listening to them. As the weeks go on, you will be surprised at how easy playing the piano would be for you.

    Finally, if you are not contented by merely playing songs and you want to hone your creativity when using this musical instrument, you can consider taking advanced piano tutorials via videos or the Web. In this stage, your piano skills will be polished and you will be able to improvise on the songs that you play. Usually, the advanced module of any piano tutorial will also cover the more difficult genre of jazz. Your meter, speed, and accuracy will also be enhanced in this module.

    Truly, the best time to learn how to play the piano is now. No matter how old you are, you can still become a piano player and play songs like the masters. You will need strong commitment and determination to develop your piano skills. But once you succeed, you will have a new pastime that will entertain not just you, but all the people around you as well. So, get into piano tutorials at home now.

    Benoit is a Passionate Piano Player Tutor who’s life mission is to teach the Wonder of Playing the Piano to the World. For more information on Home Piano Tutorial, visit
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    Piano Software

    Piano Software! This is one of the various piano learning methods available to you if you want to learn the piano on your own.

    Though Piano software can include a gamut of software including plug-ins that are used in software sequencer, here we are going to talk about piano learning software.

    A Piano Lesson Software offers hundreds of lessons, including exercises as well as practice songs at a very competitive price.

    If you are not yet ready to commit your time for regular piano lessons, you can definitely have a look at this teaching tool to learn the piano.

    Though learning to play the piano from a piano teacher is a preferred method, it has limitations to it. Learning from piano lesson software on the other hand has its own advantages, especially if you are an adult student.

  • 1. Learn at Home
  • You don’t need to regularly visit your teacher for piano lessons. You can learn from the comfort of your own home.

    You just need a computer and an electronic keyboard. Connect the electronic keyboard to your computer, install the software and you are ready to learn the piano.

  • 2. Learn at Your Pace
  • You can learn the piano at your own pace without any pressure!

    If you think you are picking up well, you can move faster to the other topics. If you think you need more time for a particular lesson, you can go slowly.

    In either case, you don’t have to worry about what the teacher might say.

  • 3. Comparatively Cheaper
  • Learning to play through piano software is an inexpensive method of learning to play the piano.

    If you are not sure about taking piano lessons on a regular basis from a piano teacher yet, this tool will definitely help you out and it will be economical as well.

  • 4. Comprehensive Coverage
  • Piano lesson software covers everything that you need to learn to play the piano – piano notes, fingering, scales, chords, timing, practice songs and more.

    You will find plenty of exercises and lessons which will take you from the simple songs to the more complex ones.

  • 5. Reference Material
  • Even if you are already taking piano lessons from a teacher, you can still use the piano software as a reference material. You may use the piano learning software to reinforce / revise whatever you have learnt from your piano teacher.

    This will be a good addition to your library as well. You can always refer to your piano software incase you want to refresh your knowledge of any particular topic.

    Things to Look for in Piano Lesson Software

    If you think piano lesson software will help you, the next step is to choose one which will give you the best value for your money.

    Here are some factors to look for while evaluating piano software.

  • 1. Trial Version
  • Make sure the software offers a trial version! It will help you to evaluate if it suits your needs.

    You may get it for a limited duration or with limited features. But that is okay. Just feel free to try them out.

  • 2. Ease of Use / Installation
  • The software needs to be easy to install and use. All the features and instructions should be easy to locate.

    Basically, you need to check that you can use it even with limited computer skills.

  • 3. Features / Lesson Coverage
  • The software needs to have a good combination of piano lessons. It should cover basics of piano playing as well as advanced topics; basically it should suit both beginners as well as advanced piano players.

    Piano lessons that cover note reading, fingering, chords, timing, scales, etc. should be included. It also needs to include plenty of finger exercises and practice songs with feedback on your performance.

  • 4. Feedback / Tests
  • The best software will have tests / quizzes to evaluate how well you have learnt a topic and provide feedback accordingly.

    Basically, it should be able to monitor and report how well you are progressing.

  • 5. Technical Support
  • Though the piano software should be easy to install and it should also provide you a comprehensive user guide, in rare cases you may still face some issues with the software.

    Make sure the software manufacturer provides an email address / telephone number to directly answer customer queries regarding the working of the piano software.

    Piano Lessons Software Reviews – Read more about some of the popular piano learning software

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  • Piano Chords- More than a Group of Notes

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    If we talk about the basic definition of piano chords, it states that it is a group of three or more notes and the combination of which sets the mood as happy, sad, powerful, soulful, etc. After gaining enough knowledge about the keys of the piano the next step is to get ready to learn the chords. If you analyze all the piano chords then you will get to know that while major chords evoke a positive emotion, the minor chords on the other hand evoke the opposite. It is always good for you to know about different piano chords before you start learning a piano.

    The Piano Chords are difficult to play by the students as now they need to press multiple keys at the same time and move them over with the change in the tunes. While they are learning about the single key play or leads as it is popularly known, it was not as difficult. The play of fingers and the flexibility needed is higher while playing the piano chords. The dexterity desired is high and hence the result is as nice. The accompaniment sound played by online piano chords whether major or minor is awesome and the sweet melody it generates is loved by all.


    The triad is considered to be the simplest of all piano chords. It consists of the three keys of the piano which are played together to generate a melodious sound. The triad or the piano chords are known by the first key of the chord. 

    “Scale Degree” is a term which is used to designate the piano chords like the tonic and dominant chords. A tonic chord has a tonic note and is the first note of the scale. The dominant chord is in the key of scales fifth note.

    Now you have learnt enough of theory, now it is the time to implement it practically. Once you learn the piano chords, you will then realize how simple they are to learn. As you would realize, the key to becoming expert in piano chords is the practice, practice and practice. The reading of theory is not of much help.

    The piano chords can be learnt by visiting a full time live tutor or otherwise there are options available nowadays where the students can learn the online piano chords through the worldwide web sites. Once a student is comfortable in playing the keys of piano and knows how to move the fingers across the piano then it is far easier to gain the incremental knowledge from the online piano chord sites. The online piano chords teaching websites are easy to use and very much intuitive. The students need not have PC programming knowledge or any kind of Geeks know-how is required to learn the piano chords from the online tutorials.

    Start with your practice with the piano right away to make the whole world realize your hidden talent and the expertise at playing the sweet songs on piano and flaunt the treasure of knowledge you have come to possess of piano chords through online piano chords lessons and incessant practice.

    You would like to learn to play piano, but you don’t know how to play piano chords? Here is the solution – online piano chords!
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    The School of Velocity, Op. 299 (Complete): For The Piano (Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics Vol. 161)

    While practicing the piano, its important to spend time doing piano exercises as well, rather than only playing the songs or just focusing on building your repertoire.

    And though ‘Hanon’ is what comes to the mind when you talk about exercises, the The School of Velocity book by Czerny pushes you to the next level.

    If you have been using Hanon for some time, this is what you need to further improve your skills. The exercises are much longer and most of them have a nice melody to it as well, as if you’re playing a song (though its a technical book).

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    Keyboard Presents: Classic Rock

    Keyboard Presents: Classic Rock

    Keyboard Presents: Classic Rock brings out the stories behind the hits on drive-time radio, as told by the keyboard-playing artists and sidemen who created them. What was Billy Joel thinking when he wrote “Piano Man”? Who played the pounding piano

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