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Learn to Play Piano – Equipment You Should Have

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Learning piano is a wonderful thing. Many of us wish to learn piano and play the beautiful melodies that everyone cherishes. The primary need is that of a nice piano, and also a good piano teacher of course! But still, there are more requirements. Equipments such as pedal extenders and an adjustable piano bench are very essential. It helps the beginners a great deal in getting accustomed to the process of piano playing. Also, proper facilities of sheet music storage are important, to support the fresh piano players in their endeavors. All these equipments must be of standard quality to aid the learning pianists to play better.

Pedal extender enables pianists of various ages to conveniently bellow the piano for the purpose of smooth playing. The piano teacher or the instructor also finds it easy to teach his lessons in the piano has a quality pedal extender. A seven year old kid and a teenage girl obviously have differences in height. Their legs have different lengths. The piano extender is mechanically adjustable, that supports the pianist irrespective of his or her height. Due to this particular equipment, it is very much possible to get a firmer grasp of the playing techniques in lesser amount of time.

The adjustable piano bench is yet another vital component that is a must in the proper learning of piano. It is called adjustable due to the provision of adjusting its height according to the physical stature of the pianist. The small children who are always eager to learn piano sincerely are benefited as such type of bench bring the piano reeds to their reach. It is also important to take a note of the quality of surface that the bench has. An adjustable bench that has a hard surface, made up of rough wood is not easy to use. Good piano playing requires long hours of practice and sitting on the hard bench for an extended period makes it really uncomfortable for the pianist to concentrate on playing. Hence, the surface of the adjustable bench needs to be soft, with the use of a soft padding that imparts convenience to the young pianists.

In regard to playing the piano, sheet music storage is also an important furniture part, as has been mentioned at the beginning of this article. There are several lessons to be practiced while learning piano. Numerous songs and their tab sheets are required to be kept and maintained in an organized manner. These cabinets come in various sizes offering a range of spatial needs. The pianist can choose from the different types that he must keep near his piano for an extended reference for some lessons.

The equipments that have been mentioned are the lifelines for the relatively new learners of the piano music. These genuinely help the pianists, particularly children, to understand the lessons and apply their knowledge with more skill in their playing. A person who aspires to be a good pianist must not, by any means, neglect these things while learning piano.

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The Pop Piano Book

Eager to play your favorite songs on the piano? Here’s a book that provides several useful tips and suggestions for your left hand to accompany the melody.

This cutting-edge keyboard method is a total step-by-step approach to creating keyboard parts spontaneously.

Rhythmic and harmonic concepts are applied in all keys, and are then used as a basis for developing specific solutions in rock, pop, ballad, funk, new age, country and gospel styles.

Endorsed by Grammy winners, top educators, and Keyboard magazine. This is a great piano book to help you improve your technique and start playing your favorite songs.

Piano Keyboard Player Jobs – What Sort of Work Do Professional Pianist, Keyboardist Get?

digital and audio technology

What is the nature of work of full time professional pianist, keyboardist and Keyboard Players?

Every keyboard player or an aspiring pianist dreams of becoming a professional player, of making a living out of this profession but ever wondered what it takes to be a professional piano keyboard player and what sort of work do they get.

Usually a professional pianist or a keyboardist will not just concentrate on performances, which you may have guessed correctly, but in all probability they will and can do several other music related activities.

Videos, Movies, Games

Keyboard players and pianists can hope to find work in several places. You can work in studios, TV, film, radio doing music production. You can even create music for websites or video games.

This sort of work requires you to understand digital and audio technology to some extent as most of the work gets done on computers so if you don’t feel comfortable with technology, its time that you start spending some time on improving that aspect.

Playing Live Music

This is what most keyboard and piano players love to do, that is perform for an audience.

Besides the usual gigs and nightclubs doing solo performances, you can also do performances at theaters, concert halls, and or as part of a group.

And what sort of skills is needed? You will do performance related work that keyboard players do for playing in bands and live gigs.

For theatres and concerts, you will be required to be good at sight-reading as well.

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Other Activities

Besides the ones mentioned above, a professional pianist / keyboardist may also do other music related activities like singing, arranging, composing, and facilitating group performances, and so on.

Some of them may also venture into education and take up teaching assignments in good schools and colleges.

These are some of the related musical areas where you could find professional work.


If you are a Keyboard Player, you might be aspiring of becoming a professional player someday, earning a livelihood out of your passion. And there is no reason for you to get disheartened as you can see that for musicians with the right skills there are plenty of opportunities. You just need to be skillful and look for work at the right places. If you intend to become a professional pianist, keyboardist or keyboard player take heart, there is lot of work waiting for you.

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The Best Ways To Learn How To Play The Piano

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Do you want to learn how to play piano like your favorite player? There are many ways to go about learning how to play the piano. Whichever method you select, you must realize that it takes a lot of hard work and commitment in order to learn how to be a good pianist. If you want to learn piano you could check out the internet.

In our day and age you can learn piano on the internet. There is a great deal of websites that are out there on the internet which can teach you to play piano. In fact, there are many sites offering lessons related to many different instruments. If you are looking to start playing an instrument the internet is probably the best place to look first.

Do you own a piano? If you do not own a piano, and many of us do not, you will find it difficult to get started. It is very difficult to practice playing piano if you do not have one to practice on. You can go to websites which will contain virtual instruments. You will be able to bring up the image of a virtual piano and use your mouse or keyboard to control which keys you press. In this way you can start to learn piano and learn about where the different keys are. You will be able to listen to the sounds that the different notes make as well. It will definitely be a big help when you are trying to learn the piano. Do you think that you have come up with something which you would like to hear again later? Many of the online virtual pianos will allow you to record your creations. Generally a virtual piano will require java to run, and they might require that you download a small package that will allow the virtual piano to run. This does not take long and it should be no problem at all.

There are many websites which offer piano lessons online. You should check it out online today. There are many sites which are totally free, and are willing to give you free lessons. The quality of these sites varies a lot. Some of the free lessons really are not worth your time. However, there are some free sites which will have quality lessons. Many sites offer a portion of free lessons, but you will have to pay once you have finished the introduction lessons if you want to move on to the harder lessons.

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Piano Chord Inversions

Understanding Piano Chord Inversions–: Learn how to rearrange the notes!

Piano Chord Inversions – The construction of Major and Minor chords that we discussed in the earlier lessons focused on the root position i.e. the lowest note was the same as the name of the chord.

But you don’t always have to play a chord in the root position. You can rearrange the notes of a chord in a different order. When you do that, the chord is said to be “inverted”.


The notes of C Major chord, played in the Root position, would be C E G.

Now this same chord can be played in different inverted forms.

E G C – First Inversion

G C E – Second Inversion

As you can see here, the C Major chord can also be played in two inversions.


So what is the use of knowing chord inversions? The most important use is that you can easily move from one chord to another, with minimum shifting of your hands. For instance, if you have to move from C Major chord to A Minor chord, you only need to move one note. Let us see how!

C Major (Root position) – C E G

A Minor (First Inversion) – C E A

So you can clearly see the advantage of using chord inversions here – minimum hand movement! Now you need to go back and learn the inversions for all the Major & Minor chords :)

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Why Learn How To Play The Piano?

learn piano hereThere are various reasons why several individuals want to learn to play the piano. If you are one of those musically prone persons, perhaps your motive is among these twelve explanations. So why ignore your dream to grow to be a fine pianist? Start learning now.

Allow me to share twelve of many reasons why people may like to learn to play piano:

1. There are many musical instruments and in your complete lifetime, you have to have the opportunity to play an instrument. So why not select a piano? Right enough, this instrument is fairly expensive but it’s worth the money. You should be able to play pleasing music with the use of a piano. Obtain a piano now and start learning to play such a magnificent instrument. Continue reading