How To Play Jazz Piano

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white piano playingYou will find when you learn more about how to play jazz piano that, to be a true master of this genre of music, you will have to get yourself programmed towards improvisation. A jazz musician when they have reached some competency is able to improvise on the spot based on the chord sequence put in front of them. Every jazz musician should know or at the very least have standard songs in their repertoire. Some of the more standard and very well known songs may include "Willow Weep For Me," "Summertime," and "Georgia On My Mind". The old “classic” standards are songs that have been performed and recorded by many recording artists in the past. A good example of an old standard may be the gospel song "Amazing Grace", which is considered as a “standard” because so many artists have covered this song over the years.

To develop your improvisation skills you will need a good knowledge of scales and chords, which are essential exercises required to be a good jazz musician, all in addition to developing the technique to play jazz well. Any musician needs to practice different types of scales and arpeggios, but the jazz musician more than most has to get into staccato playing, legato playing, playing chords on the left hand to provide the solid bass and be playing scales and improvisation with the right hand.

Jazz Piano – The Basics

cat playing pianoAs with every form of music, too learn how to play jazz piano well you need to start with the basics: minor and major scales and minor and major chords. When you can truly master these then you can move on to learning the more advanced chords (jazz chords) and scales. The type of chords that jazz is based on includes diminished, dominant, major nine and tritone chords, etc. The more advanced scales will mean you need to learn lydian, diminished, chromatic and melodic minor scales.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to playing the piano, it’s not what you play but how you play and your overall technique. These techniques will include how hard or soft you play the notes, how you sit, your breathing and how you position your hands and fingers on the piano when playing chords and scales etc.

When learning how to play jazz piano, you will certainly need resources and maybe someone to guide you at times. One of the ways to master jazz piano is to learn by getting as much information as possible, a lot of patience and practice, practice followed by more practice!

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