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Portable Digital Piano Keyboard – Do Pros Care about Portability?

How important is portability for professional keyboard players who want the best piano keyboard for performing on stage? If you do gigs regularly, do you really look at the weight of your synth / keyboard over features?

What do Pros Prefer?

I doubt so, especially if you have recently started playing for an audience! The aim is obviously to get people to like your music, with the hope of getting more work and at some stage create and present your own music in front of the audience.

So you will definitely like to go ahead with the best possible gear for your shows. It is just that over the years, after doing hundreds of gigs you realize the importance of having multiple keyboards in your arsenal. And then there are times when you think that it really is not worth taking all those heavy keyboards and a lighter won would suffice, this is purely based on your experience of the audience.

This is something that beginners may not be able to relate to as they need to experience this first.

For Hobbyists

Most salesman stress the importance of portability in digital pianos but if you were to think about it how important is this factor when ones goes about buying a digital piano? Is Portability really a factor when it comes to Digital Pianos?

If you want something that you can take along on holidays and while travelling, not across countries but nearby, then portability becomes the most important factor, much higher than features, weighted keys and things like that which would add to the weight of the keyboard.

Professionals who do a lot of gigs and get paid for their work, they do have their own means of transport and more importantly they are looking for good sounds on the board and features that will help make their piano playing easier on stage.

But then it also depends on the audience that you wish to play, and at times you may prefer to have a portable keyboard than a really heavier one, never mind the lesser features.

For Studio Use

Another place where professionals use keyboard, synth and midi controller is in the studio and certain DJs are also known to use controller keyboards during their sessions. This is where space comes at a premium and there are so many things to be fit into a limited space.

Such musicians definitely give important to the weight factor and definitely prefer something that does not take up a huge amount of space.


Digital keyboards and pianos are used by musicians with varied skills and have different purposes for their gear, some which requires portability whereas for some others it does not matter. So if this is one parameter that is important to you, weigh the pros and cons before buying a digital piano. Alternatively, you can have a spare digital piano that is lightweight and can be carried around whenever needed.

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