Rock Piano

Let's Rock! Now There's a Thought!

abstract piano keyboardIt may be because a lot of people love rock and roll that rock piano is very popular for those who already play the piano or for those who have a wish to learn to play the piano so they too can play rock piano. Over the years, rock ‘n roll has been a very popular genre of music in which to play the piano. Even so, there are other ways to use a piano when playing other quality rock music that everyone can enjoy. Over the years, rock piano music has developed from rock 'n roll to a lot more.

Learning Rock Piano

The piano isn’t often thought of as an instrument that is a key component of rock music, but with artists such as Elton John, Billy Joel and others it has certainly come to the fore over the past few decades.

You may want to start to learn the piano, and eventually be able to play rock piano. The best way to get into this form of piano music is to start with the basics. This is key to learning any form of music, whether it’s the piano or any other instrument. Taking the first steps to learning the notes, learning how to develop chords and play simple tunes as well as doing the vital exercises such as scales and arpeggios and other fingering exercises, is a vital part of learning the piano. When you can play simple music, you will be able to find simplified versions of your favourite songs and learn those too. With practice you will be able to develop your skills so that you can advance from the very basics to playing more difficult songs.

Another important part of learning the structure of the music and how to play it well, it’s a good idea to focus on learning the various different rhythms, chords, tones, and styles. It would be a lot better to be able to read music so that you can understand how to read the notes and play them properly. It’s a good idea to listen to their favourite songs too, especially if they want to play them in the future. This way you will hear the various nuances of the music and understand how it needs to be played. This is an important step if you want to play in your own style too because you can develop your own “feel” without sounding exactly like the original.

Advancing Through Rock Style.

piano keys with styleAs you develop your own inimitable style, you will be able to advance through the levels of difficulty in your playing skills and you will be able to stamp your own authority on your playing and your audience too.

Listen to the various artists and see how they have developed over the years. An example is how Elton John’s style has always been unique, but he has developed it more over the years. He will play Your Song differently now than he did years ago. This is because his style has developed and he has added subtle changes that have enhanced the song over the years and kept it “fresh”.

Taking note of this kind of subtle change from various artists, you can also develop your style in the same way and therefore you will keep things progressing to a better technique and more fulfilling way to play. The importance of passion in your music is evident because this develops with you. By listening to different versions of songs over time, take a note of the tone, tempo, and dynamics as well as the key that any song is being played in.

Rock piano songs are not so difficult when you take everything into consideration and you have taken the time to get the fundamentals right. The more you practice, the better you get. The more you listen and adapt, the more unique your style becomes and you will develop into a very good, or maybe a great entertainer.

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