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Best Rock Piano Songs

the best rock piano songsWhen you think of rock, it’s not likely you think of the piano, but rock isn’t just about playing and getting really good at the guitar. Even though the piano isn’t known as “the” instrument of rock music, there are some great artists even nowadays who use this great instrument. When you consider the best rock piano songs you can look at people like Elton John, Billy Joel, Keith Emerson, Freddie Mercury and, for the more recent artists, Chris Martin of Coldplay, then you should take this into consideration when looking to learn to play an instrument that has been, and still is a big part of rock music. The piano is just as good as any other instrument in this genre.

What Are The Best Rock Piano Songs?

This, of course, is a matter of opinion, but looking at how the artists I have mentioned above have made their mark, you could do well to look no further than the music written and performed by those icons of the music industry.

Take Elton John, who made his mark in the 70’s and made the biggest impression in America initially despite his undoubted talent and the fact he was British. The UK audience didn’t “take” to him like the USA audience did and had it not been for that US audience we may not have heard of some of the great Elton songs. In my opinion his greatest work was the Live In Australia, when he played with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The arrangements showed the versatility of his work and also showed the immense talent that he obviously has.

Billy Joel is another top singer who is known for his piano playing. He may not have had quite the same impact as Elton, but he has some great songs to play on the piano. Then there’s Freddie Mercury of Queen whose Bohemian Rhapsody has a key piano part.

The Best Rock Piano Songs Are Piano Based.

what are the best rock piano songsThat may seem pretty obvious, but essentially when a song is based around a piano, it sounds best on the piano. When we look at another rock piano legend, namely Keith Emerson, who was, like Elton John, classically trained you can see how this is the case. The Emerson Lake and Palmer track Benny The Bouncer is certainly one of the best rock piano songs out there.

We shouldn’t go through any rock piano article without mentioning Jerry Lee Lewis and the rock ‘n roll era. Although more based around the blues, the rock ‘n roll music that was performed by these great musicians featured the piano as the main instrument. Songs like Great Balls of Fire and many more.

As we move up to the more modern era, we shouldn’t forget Chris Martin of Coldplay as well as other well known modern day contemporary bands like Keane.

There is a wealth of music available that you can play on the piano. What are the best rock piano songs? As I said, it’s a matter of opinion, but searching through some songs written and performed by the artists discussed here will be a great start in finding your own personal favourites.