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Home Piano Tutorial Guide to Learn Piano Fast

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Online or video home piano tutorial is a very effective way to learn the intricacies of hitting the piano. Unlike the traditional one-on-one private piano lessons conducted by master pianists with their students, home tutorials do not make students become too reliant on their instructors. Besides, private lessons are more applicable to kids rather than to adults who want to discover the joys of playing the piano. If you are already in your adult years and you have decided that playing the piano will be a good pastime, then ditch the one-on-one private lessons in favor of online or video tutorials which you can also take up at home. Home tutorials via videos or the Internet can allow you to be more creative and advance through the lessons on your own time and pace. Here are the typical modules in piano home tutorials.

For starters, you will need a beginner piano training video or module. This training video will give you everything that you need to start off your quest to become an accomplished piano player. But take note, unlike uptight piano instructors, these videos are designed to provide fun and exciting lessons. You will surely have an easy time learning basic stuff like hand techniques, tone formula, the C chord, the key of G, the pedals, and even the various parts of the piano. With a beginner training video, you will learn basic practice tips that will all serve as your start off point to take advanced lessons.

Next, after you have mastered your beginner piano lessons, you can move on to the intermediate module. When you reach this stage, you can learn more techniques that will help you play a wider variety of musical pieces or genres like gospel and blues. Typically, this part of your training will teach you how to gain better control of the piano. You will now encounter terms like scales, keys, triads, and learn how to play songs just by listening to them. As the weeks go on, you will be surprised at how easy playing the piano would be for you.

Finally, if you are not contented by merely playing songs and you want to hone your creativity when using this musical instrument, you can consider taking advanced piano tutorials via videos or the Web. In this stage, your piano skills will be polished and you will be able to improvise on the songs that you play. Usually, the advanced module of any piano tutorial will also cover the more difficult genre of jazz. Your meter, speed, and accuracy will also be enhanced in this module.

Truly, the best time to learn how to play the piano is now. No matter how old you are, you can still become a piano player and play songs like the masters. You will need strong commitment and determination to develop your piano skills. But once you succeed, you will have a new pastime that will entertain not just you, but all the people around you as well. So, get into piano tutorials at home now.

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