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Learn To Play Piano : Comprehensive Guide To Dramatically Enhance Playing Piano

This book is specifically developed with the adult beginner in mind. It teaches all the essentials from ways to check out notes to ways to form chords. The lessons are paced well, not too much or insufficient information, and it continues from one lesson to the next in an organized and sensible way.
The first half of the book tackles the essentials each start student needs to being aware such as proper sitting position, the letter names of the piano keys, hand positions and note values. The lessons then proceed to the grand staff, melodic and harmonic periods, indications and symbols made use of in music such as the time signature. Aside from finding out ways to check out notes, the student will certainly likewise learn ways to form and play chords in different keys.
What I actually love about this book is that in each lesson you are provided a music piece to learn hence reinforcing the lessons you just discovered. Plus the music choices are fun to play and most of it are rather familiar. Another asset about this book is that the illustrations are clearly labeled and quickly understandable.
Rating : 4.75 / 5

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“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence” — Leopold Stokowski
Individuals have varying enthusiasms in life but there are those who love to hear varying piano music. If you’re one of them, then you probably like to learn to play the piano, but exactly how?
Lots of people want to learn to play piano but they have no idea where to start. If you are among them, you are at the ideal location. Even if you have no idea anything about music / music terms, this book helps you comprehend each and everything clearly.
Very first thing, You do not need to go to music school! Find out ways to play piano like a pro today.
This book clears most of the doubts in your mind. likewise supplies quality of information consists of beginner pointers, sheet music and so on. At any point of time during the book reading, you can leave existing page and go to PIANO PIECES for Beginners and practice. There 50 Piano pieces which covers
practice exercises from basic to Master.
The book covers following subjects answering all the concerns you have. You will learn:.
> About seating and hand position?
> Finding out about Keys, Scales and Notes?
> Tips for the first time Piano Buyer.
> 7 simple pointers for Beginning piano Players and understanding the scores of sheet music.
> Discovering and Selecting Music to Play? Shows FREE online sheet music.
> ways to learn to play piano by ear?
> Differentiation, betting friends / family or in public events.
> What are some excellent books for playing piano?
> Advanced Playing Piano Pointer to quickly end up being Piano Master.
> Find out to Play Piano Practising on your own – 50 Piano Pieces for first newbies.
If music be the food of love, play on…

Adoration: Solo Piano Hymns

David s landmark tenth CD, Adoration: Solo Piano Hymns, contains David’s beautiful renditions of fifteen favorite hymns, including Be Still My Soul, Just As I Am, How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace.
A Note from the Artist…
What does it mean to adore God? The American Heritage Dictionary defines the phrase to adore as to regard with a deep, often rapturous love. That very well describes how I feel about my Lord Jesus.
I am in awe of him in every way, not only because of his continuous, overflowing blessings on my life, but simply because of who he is; he is the one…
…In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins: Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. 1 Colossians 1:14-17
Without Jesus, we are lost. We strive alone and in the darkness. We suffer for nothing.
With Jesus, we have purpose. We walk in the light and when we suffer, it s for his glory.
I adore my Lord Jesus because he saved me, both from spiritual death and from hopelessness. His love for me has overcome all my failings. For that, I cherish him, and I want every moment of my life to give praise to him.
I think the writers of the hymns understood what it meant to adore God. Just read through the lyrics in your hymnal sometime. The hymns are more than just music; they are poetry, instruction, encouragement, wisdom, exhortation and precious letters of love. They are songs of repentance, songs of victory and songs of praise. They reflect the light of God s Word, and remind us to take our eyes off ourselves and put them on Jesus where they belong. When I read them, I am moved, and when I sing them, my soul is stirred.
What a joy it has been to work on these arrangements, to wrap my heart and hands around these melodies that have praised God for generations. I hope that in some small way, this album helps keep these songs alive and present in the hearts of modern worshippers around the world.
Look up, always look up, and give him praise. In the darkness, give him praise. Through joy or suffering, give him praise. Never cease to praise him.
Yes, I adore Him… and often with a deep, rapturous love.
David Nevue September 2007

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The Piano Movie

The Piano: Movie about a mute woman Ada (played by Holly Hunter) and her prized piano!
The story revolves around a mute woman Ada, who is sent to New Zealand by her father for an arranged marriage to a wealthy landowner. Soon she falls in love with a local worker on the plantation and the rest of the movie captures the dilemma of her relations.
Star Cast – The Piano Movie

Genre: Drama | RomanceRelease Year: 1993Director/Writer: Jane CampionCast
Holly Hunter as AdaHarvey Keitel as BainesSam Neill as Alistair StewartAnna Paquin as Flora
Music by: Michael Nyman(bestselling soundtrack album)
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Story – The Piano Movie
The movies is set in the the mid-nineteenth century in a rainy, muddy & marshy New Zealand forest. Ada, and her young daughter Flora, are sent to NewZealand for an arranged marriage. Once they land in New Zealand, they find that the living conditions are harsh there.
Ada suffers more grief when her husband Stewart decides to leave her piano behind since he does not have enough people to carry all their belongings further from the shore.
Baines, who is a local guy takes the piano and gets it perfectly tuned after that long journey. Ada, who desperately wants her piano back, goes to Baines to try to convince him to return the Piano.
But Baines asks Ada to earn back her piano by giving him piano lessons. He says that during the lessons, he would simply like to listen to her playing the piano… with other conditions. Ada agrees to it, though reluctantly.
Soon, Ada and Baines start geting closer to each other and their relationship is transformed. Stewart, who is Ada’s husband, finds out about their relationship… and in a fit of rage chops off the index finger of Ada with an axe. He tells her that if she does not forget Baines, he will chop her remaining fingers as well.
But, by then Ada and Baines had already started liking each other. Stewart realises this and lets Ada go with Baines… Towards the end, it is shown that Ada’s missing finger is replaced with a silver digit made by Baines.
Final Thoughts
The Piano is definitely one of the better movies I have ever seen; it has been appreciated by both critics as well as audiences everywhere!
Please note that this movie is suitable only for Adult Viewing!
Lowest Prices on Amazon
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Free Keyboard Lessons & Sheet Music

Here are free Keyboard Lessons & sheet music for beginners to get started.

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If you own an electronic keyboard, don’t wait for the teacher, use these free keyboard lessons to get started right now!
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4 Seasons by Vivaldi

This one is a must have for any classical music collection. Play it in background, or just sit and listen to it and imagine the changing seasons.

The recording is good (despite the price), which makes you enjoy the music even more. The three extra concertos for violin included on this disc are real treats, especially the Concerto for 2 violins in A minor.
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