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4 Seasons by Vivaldi

This one is a must have for any classical music collection. Play it in background, or just sit and listen to it and imagine the changing seasons.

The recording is good (despite the price), which makes you enjoy the music even more. The three extra concertos for violin included on this disc are real treats, especially the Concerto for 2 violins in A minor.
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Streaming Classical Music

classical music is the music that belonged to eighteenth and early nineteenth century. The twentieth century has witnessed many changes and reformations in the field of music. It got new colors of music like folk, rock music, pop music, jazz and blues and many more. All these varieties of music have dominated the classical music and sent it into last in the row. Now the lovers of classical music have at least the facility of online classical music streaming. Internet provides you with the global wide classical music under on roof to get an unlimited enjoy. Through classical music streaming you can enjoy your favorite classical music through the play of video over the internet in real time.
Classical Music Streaming SitesThere are some sites which provide classical music streaming membership for fee and some websites provide for free. is a website which offers classic music streaming at good deal of USD 9.99 per month. It provides the classical music streaming unlimited on every subscription. You can also enjoy the free trail of classical music for seven days as a subscriber. Now the subscription of classical music subscription is very affordable than it was in the earlier.

Classical Music Streaming Free SitesThere are also other websites which provide classical music streaming for free. These free websites allow you to download the classical music for free and those of paid sites provide you ten to fifteen per cent discount on download. And apart from the discount, those sites will give 200 classical points as bonus for monthly subscribers on monthly basis and 2000 classical points for annual subscribers annually. The bonus classical points can be gained on every subscription and renewals from then on. No hindrance of hidden charges and no scratching of credit card as long as there is your free trial are valid for your classical music streaming.
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The Proper Age Of Your Child To Begin Piano Lessons

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Parents always want the best for their children. No one would be happier than a parent to see that their kids are very good at something and one cool activity to learn is playing the piano. It just creates an appeal to both children and parents to be able to glide your fingers happily from corner to corner of the piano keys. In relation to this, I know most of you parents want to know the proper age of your child to begin piano lessons.

It is of great benefit to learn at a young age. Definitely, you may have heard many child prodigies like Mozart who started hitting the keys at a young age, around 3 0r 4. Even though your child may not be exceptionally talented in the musical field, letting your child play piano at the youngest possible age will allow them to develop their skills fully.

Piano Lessons for Kids : Introduction

Right from the start, you can make your child’s interest in music grow. While your child is still in your womb and after you have given birth, keep on listening to classical music. Sooner, you’ll see that your child will be pleased about the piano music. Studies have shown that this is an effective method to heighten interest of kids to learn piano.


You should consider finding the right piano mentor for your child if you aim to let them begin their piano lessons ate a very tender age. As what we can observe, toddler can’t concentrate o just one thing for a long span of time. In this case, you’ll have to reduce the practice sessions to smaller and convenient time. 15 minutes is already good for most kids at 3 or 4 years old.

It is crucial that you get a teacher who is aware on how to deal with students at a very young age. They need to know that a 4-year old kid can’t learn piano in similar way that a teenager or adult can. If you happen to hire the wrong mentor for your child, they will, in the long run be frustrated on the piano instrument and will lose the desire to learn. At this young age, piano lessons should be made fun and enjoyable.
Young kids will carry their piano playing interest in their old age if they have good foundation on piano.

Piano – Introduction to Older Children

You have to be aware that not all parents can get their child to learn piano very early. Parents may not even have plans to enroll their kids in anticipation of when their older kid asked if they can have their lessons in some cases. This is the usual situation where the child is the one who shows direct interest in piano playing.
Initially, you have to see to it that this is not just for mere past time. Other parents require their kids to take a one year course on piano for a minimum to be assured. One year is already a good time to sense if they have that inclination for music and after which, they can decide to continue or quit.

Make sure that your child spends some time to practice on the piano everyday. No matter how old they are, it is crucial that they have this chance.
Are you interested in taking piano lesson music? Visit and get to know different piano courses to suit your needs. Try reading the review on Rocket Piano. Learning the piano should always be fun and exciting!
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The School of Velocity, Op. 299 (Complete): For The Piano (Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics Vol. 161)

While practicing the piano, its important to spend time doing piano exercises as well, rather than only playing the songs or just focusing on building your repertoire.

And though ‘Hanon’ is what comes to the mind when you talk about exercises, the The School of Velocity book by Czerny pushes you to the next level.

If you have been using Hanon for some time, this is what you need to further improve your skills. The exercises are much longer and most of them have a nice melody to it as well, as if you’re playing a song (though its a technical book).

Save BIG when you buy today!

101 pages
Size: 12″ x 9″
Editor: Max Vogrich
ISBN: 793552907