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Music Exams Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees

Music Exams Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees
Various music colleges & conservatories award Certificates & Diplomas for successful completion of music exams in various disciplines, including Piano, that assess a student on their knowledge of music theory as well as their practical abilities.

Certificates and Diplomas are awarded for various Theory & Practical Exams. These include various levels of Rudiments, Harmony with diplomas awarded for advanced Pedagogy as well.
[embedded content]Here’s a Grade 4 Piano Piece
A typical example of what subjects you would be examined is as follows:
Diploma for Performers
CounterpointAdvanced HarmonyHistory 3: 19th Century to PresentAnalysis
[embedded content]Grade 5 Piano Exam – ABRSM

Diploma in Teaching Music
Teachers (Non-Piano)CounterpointAdvanced HarmonyHistory 3: 19th Century to PresentAnalysisGrade 8 Piano
[embedded content]Grade 6 Piano Exam Piece
Diploma in Composition & Theory
Renaissance CounterpointBaroque Harmony and Counterpoint IBaroque Harmony and Counterpoint IIClassical Harmony and CounterpointRomantic and Post-Romantic Harmony and CounterpointPost-1900 Composition TechniquesOrchestration IOrchestration IIAnalysisHistory IHistory IIEar Test
[embedded content]Grade 7 Piano Exam Piece
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