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Lofty Mountains

Chinese Classical Music

The moment you listen to Chinese classical music, one can feel the existence of lofty mountain, running water and other living things in the nature. That is the authentic beauty of Chinese classical music.For several thousand years, music is a language for people expressing their feelings and it raises people’s soul to a higher level. It’s kind of a civilization miracle. As China is one of the four great countries with civilization, music in China also has a long history. The following is top ten Chinese Classical music.
Once upon a time, pre-Qin Dynasty musical master Boya played Guqin in a wild country. In his music, he described lofty mountains and running water, but a woodcutter named Zhong Ziqi had sympathetic response with him. Boya was very surprised but happy to find a bosom friend. They two had a appointment of meeting the next year. However, when Boya came to the old place again, Zhong Ziqi had passed away. Boya was too sad to break his guqin.Draw materials from this well-known story, this music has many versions, and in general, played with Guqin or Guzheng.

Although sharing the same name, the styles are totally different. On August 22, 1977, the latter part of Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water was recorded in an album which was launched to the outer space aiming at looking for ET.
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