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Piano Chords- More than a Group of Notes

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If we talk about the basic definition of piano chords, it states that it is a group of three or more notes and the combination of which sets the mood as happy, sad, powerful, soulful, etc. After gaining enough knowledge about the keys of the piano the next step is to get ready to learn the chords. If you analyze all the piano chords then you will get to know that while major chords evoke a positive emotion, the minor chords on the other hand evoke the opposite. It is always good for you to know about different piano chords before you start learning a piano.

The Piano Chords are difficult to play by the students as now they need to press multiple keys at the same time and move them over with the change in the tunes. While they are learning about the single key play or leads as it is popularly known, it was not as difficult. The play of fingers and the flexibility needed is higher while playing the piano chords. The dexterity desired is high and hence the result is as nice. The accompaniment sound played by online piano chords whether major or minor is awesome and the sweet melody it generates is loved by all.


The triad is considered to be the simplest of all piano chords. It consists of the three keys of the piano which are played together to generate a melodious sound. The triad or the piano chords are known by the first key of the chord. 

“Scale Degree” is a term which is used to designate the piano chords like the tonic and dominant chords. A tonic chord has a tonic note and is the first note of the scale. The dominant chord is in the key of scales fifth note.

Now you have learnt enough of theory, now it is the time to implement it practically. Once you learn the piano chords, you will then realize how simple they are to learn. As you would realize, the key to becoming expert in piano chords is the practice, practice and practice. The reading of theory is not of much help.

The piano chords can be learnt by visiting a full time live tutor or otherwise there are options available nowadays where the students can learn the online piano chords through the worldwide web sites. Once a student is comfortable in playing the keys of piano and knows how to move the fingers across the piano then it is far easier to gain the incremental knowledge from the online piano chord sites. The online piano chords teaching websites are easy to use and very much intuitive. The students need not have PC programming knowledge or any kind of Geeks know-how is required to learn the piano chords from the online tutorials.

Start with your practice with the piano right away to make the whole world realize your hidden talent and the expertise at playing the sweet songs on piano and flaunt the treasure of knowledge you have come to possess of piano chords through online piano chords lessons and incessant practice.

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