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Piano Keyboard Player Jobs – What Sort of Work Do Professional Pianist, Keyboardist Get?

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What is the nature of work of full time professional pianist, keyboardist and Keyboard Players?

Every keyboard player or an aspiring pianist dreams of becoming a professional player, of making a living out of this profession but ever wondered what it takes to be a professional piano keyboard player and what sort of work do they get.

Usually a professional pianist or a keyboardist will not just concentrate on performances, which you may have guessed correctly, but in all probability they will and can do several other music related activities.

Videos, Movies, Games

Keyboard players and pianists can hope to find work in several places. You can work in studios, TV, film, radio doing music production. You can even create music for websites or video games.

This sort of work requires you to understand digital and audio technology to some extent as most of the work gets done on computers so if you don’t feel comfortable with technology, its time that you start spending some time on improving that aspect.

Playing Live Music

This is what most keyboard and piano players love to do, that is perform for an audience.

Besides the usual gigs and nightclubs doing solo performances, you can also do performances at theaters, concert halls, and or as part of a group.

And what sort of skills is needed? You will do performance related work that keyboard players do for playing in bands and live gigs.

For theatres and concerts, you will be required to be good at sight-reading as well.

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Other Activities

Besides the ones mentioned above, a professional pianist / keyboardist may also do other music related activities like singing, arranging, composing, and facilitating group performances, and so on.

Some of them may also venture into education and take up teaching assignments in good schools and colleges.

These are some of the related musical areas where you could find professional work.


If you are a Keyboard Player, you might be aspiring of becoming a professional player someday, earning a livelihood out of your passion. And there is no reason for you to get disheartened as you can see that for musicians with the right skills there are plenty of opportunities. You just need to be skillful and look for work at the right places. If you intend to become a professional pianist, keyboardist or keyboard player take heart, there is lot of work waiting for you.

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