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How Can I Learn To Play The Piano?

It is a fact that at some point in all of our lives we strongly consider learning to play the piano. Do you have an idol that you admire because of their piano-playing talent? Do you have a passion for listening to well-played piano music?

It may well be that all you need is a bit of a push in the right direction. You are not alone – many of us have considered playing the piano in the past, but never really taken that urge up. Before you actually begin, you need to be aware that there are two real ways to learn the piano:

1)    Chords
2)    Note reading

Before you rush headlong into either of these methods, you need first of all to understand what you want to achieve. If you are quite content to read other people’s music, then all you really need to learn is how to read the notes. On the other hand, if you are feeling more creative and want to go down the route of composing your own music, then you will also need to have a good understanding of the chords.

What is also dependent here is the time-frame you are currently looking at. The note reading can always come a little later. The mastering of the chords will give you a much better understanding of the sounds that they make, both when played alone and together. For the player who wants to learn more quickly, then the chord-based approach is probably best-suited to you.


There are number of ways to learn properly, and all people starting out to learn the piano should consider the pros and cons of getting a good piano teacher. Finding a qualified and experienced piano teacher is a relatively easy task, and there are a lot of benefits, like learning either at your own home or the instructor’s studio.

Before you begin looking for an instructor, then it’s a good idea to have a goal in mind. Remember the two approaches to learning – if you are looking to expose your more creative side and want to compose yourself, then a chord-based teacher is going to be more productive. If you want to play for a bit of fun (and it is good fun!), then you should be looking for a piano teacher who will teach you the note side of things.

A good piano teacher is not necessarily expensive, but if you are only going to learn from them something that you could get from a book, is it really worth it? Getting this right is absolutely vital; get it wrong and you’ll discover that you are spending a great deal of money on something that is not going to help you achieve your goals.

You might also want to take a look at some of the online programs that are currently available. There are many benefits to learning online – you can learn at your own pace, and no-one stands behind you with a big stick as you practice! Many of them are far cheaper than one-on-one piano lessons, and they can be just as good.

If you are learning online, and there is something that you don’t understand, there is no-one there to ask for help. It may seem like learning online is the only real option in these circumstances, but you must also bear in mind that by learning online and at your own pace, there is no-one breathing down your neck as you practice!! Quite often, this can lead to a drop in your motivation levels – if you are only doing it for yourself then sometimes it can be difficult to continue!

The bottom line is that learning to play the piano should be fun and it should be something that you enjoy. If you are getting frustrated and fed up with it, then you are probably taking the wrong approach – that’s not what playing the piano is all about.

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Piano Software

Piano Software! This is one of the various piano learning methods available to you if you want to learn the piano on your own.

Though Piano software can include a gamut of software including plug-ins that are used in software sequencer, here we are going to talk about piano learning software.

A Piano Lesson Software offers hundreds of lessons, including exercises as well as practice songs at a very competitive price.

If you are not yet ready to commit your time for regular piano lessons, you can definitely have a look at this teaching tool to learn the piano.

Though learning to play the piano from a piano teacher is a preferred method, it has limitations to it. Learning from piano lesson software on the other hand has its own advantages, especially if you are an adult student.

  • 1. Learn at Home
  • You don’t need to regularly visit your teacher for piano lessons. You can learn from the comfort of your own home.

    You just need a computer and an electronic keyboard. Connect the electronic keyboard to your computer, install the software and you are ready to learn the piano.

  • 2. Learn at Your Pace
  • You can learn the piano at your own pace without any pressure!

    If you think you are picking up well, you can move faster to the other topics. If you think you need more time for a particular lesson, you can go slowly.

    In either case, you don’t have to worry about what the teacher might say.

  • 3. Comparatively Cheaper
  • Learning to play through piano software is an inexpensive method of learning to play the piano.

    If you are not sure about taking piano lessons on a regular basis from a piano teacher yet, this tool will definitely help you out and it will be economical as well.

  • 4. Comprehensive Coverage
  • Piano lesson software covers everything that you need to learn to play the piano – piano notes, fingering, scales, chords, timing, practice songs and more.

    You will find plenty of exercises and lessons which will take you from the simple songs to the more complex ones.

  • 5. Reference Material
  • Even if you are already taking piano lessons from a teacher, you can still use the piano software as a reference material. You may use the piano learning software to reinforce / revise whatever you have learnt from your piano teacher.

    This will be a good addition to your library as well. You can always refer to your piano software incase you want to refresh your knowledge of any particular topic.

    Things to Look for in Piano Lesson Software

    If you think piano lesson software will help you, the next step is to choose one which will give you the best value for your money.

    Here are some factors to look for while evaluating piano software.

  • 1. Trial Version
  • Make sure the software offers a trial version! It will help you to evaluate if it suits your needs.

    You may get it for a limited duration or with limited features. But that is okay. Just feel free to try them out.

  • 2. Ease of Use / Installation
  • The software needs to be easy to install and use. All the features and instructions should be easy to locate.

    Basically, you need to check that you can use it even with limited computer skills.

  • 3. Features / Lesson Coverage
  • The software needs to have a good combination of piano lessons. It should cover basics of piano playing as well as advanced topics; basically it should suit both beginners as well as advanced piano players.

    Piano lessons that cover note reading, fingering, chords, timing, scales, etc. should be included. It also needs to include plenty of finger exercises and practice songs with feedback on your performance.

  • 4. Feedback / Tests
  • The best software will have tests / quizzes to evaluate how well you have learnt a topic and provide feedback accordingly.

    Basically, it should be able to monitor and report how well you are progressing.

  • 5. Technical Support
  • Though the piano software should be easy to install and it should also provide you a comprehensive user guide, in rare cases you may still face some issues with the software.

    Make sure the software manufacturer provides an email address / telephone number to directly answer customer queries regarding the working of the piano software.

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  • Learn to Play Piano – Equipment You Should Have

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    Learning piano is a wonderful thing. Many of us wish to learn piano and play the beautiful melodies that everyone cherishes. The primary need is that of a nice piano, and also a good piano teacher of course! But still, there are more requirements. Equipments such as pedal extenders and an adjustable piano bench are very essential. It helps the beginners a great deal in getting accustomed to the process of piano playing. Also, proper facilities of sheet music storage are important, to support the fresh piano players in their endeavors. All these equipments must be of standard quality to aid the learning pianists to play better.

    Pedal extender enables pianists of various ages to conveniently bellow the piano for the purpose of smooth playing. The piano teacher or the instructor also finds it easy to teach his lessons in the piano has a quality pedal extender. A seven year old kid and a teenage girl obviously have differences in height. Their legs have different lengths. The piano extender is mechanically adjustable, that supports the pianist irrespective of his or her height. Due to this particular equipment, it is very much possible to get a firmer grasp of the playing techniques in lesser amount of time.

    The adjustable piano bench is yet another vital component that is a must in the proper learning of piano. It is called adjustable due to the provision of adjusting its height according to the physical stature of the pianist. The small children who are always eager to learn piano sincerely are benefited as such type of bench bring the piano reeds to their reach. It is also important to take a note of the quality of surface that the bench has. An adjustable bench that has a hard surface, made up of rough wood is not easy to use. Good piano playing requires long hours of practice and sitting on the hard bench for an extended period makes it really uncomfortable for the pianist to concentrate on playing. Hence, the surface of the adjustable bench needs to be soft, with the use of a soft padding that imparts convenience to the young pianists.

    In regard to playing the piano, sheet music storage is also an important furniture part, as has been mentioned at the beginning of this article. There are several lessons to be practiced while learning piano. Numerous songs and their tab sheets are required to be kept and maintained in an organized manner. These cabinets come in various sizes offering a range of spatial needs. The pianist can choose from the different types that he must keep near his piano for an extended reference for some lessons.

    The equipments that have been mentioned are the lifelines for the relatively new learners of the piano music. These genuinely help the pianists, particularly children, to understand the lessons and apply their knowledge with more skill in their playing. A person who aspires to be a good pianist must not, by any means, neglect these things while learning piano.

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