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If you want to learn to play piano online, then you have come to the right place!

This site will show you various genres that may interest you and will offer you resources to find the best way to learn Blues Piano, Jazz Piano, Rock Piano and Classical Piano. Each has it's own challenges, but the common denominator with each and every one of these is the need to be dedicated and be prepared to practice and do the exercises needed to develop and improve your playing technique.

Learning Piano Online From Beginner To Advanced

Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced pianist, we recommend courses and resources for you to get started, or to develop further. There may be those among you that know how to play the piano by ear. You may want to learn how to read music and understand what you are playing. You may find it easy, or you may find it hard to start to learn, but the best thing of all is to actually get started.

Interactive lessons are a great way to move forward. Also checking out tutorial videos on You Tube is another great way to learn and follow what is going on. This way you can pause the video and copy what the tutor is showing you. This is a great way to get free piano lessons to get the gist of what you can expect over the next months and years. The videos are minutes rather than hours long, so you can easily fit these into a schedule.

Some of you may want to go down the more traditional route of getting lessons with a local piano teacher. Of course, that teacher has to have spaces available for you to learn with them. Whatever your own preference, it's possible to to learn to play the piano and have hours of pleasure. Music is good for the soul and when you play the piano well, it really gets into your whole being and it's fun too!

Music theory is another thing you may want to learn as you progress. We will share some great sources to get the lessons you need to improve your musical theory too. The best thing is to learn music theory is in the privacy of your own home. When you're a good student, committed to your progress in learning your theory as well as your playing, you will benefit a whole lot.

Imagine being able to read sheet music effortlessly and being able to sight read the notes, playing the piano at the same time. Developing your skill will take hours of practice and dedication.

The piano is a really popular instrument and if you can learn to play your favourite songs or music pieces, it will enhance your life more than you can imagine. Teaching yourself is an option, but it's always better with guidance. You have to learn your hand positions on the keyboard and also how to manipulate those keys to create the best sound and effect. Learning these techniques on your own is not easy, which is why we suggest you at least try out the online courses we recommend. Guidance of any kind will help you reach a higher level.

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